Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Springtime ? On Orcas Island

Springtime on Orcas Island

Balmy 78 degrees this morning, Not!  

April Fools.

Classic spring weather for Orcas Island.  Cool and rainy with the overnight snow on Mount Constitution.  All the while the daffodils and cherry trees are blooming with some plums starting as well.  Hoping for some warmth, we need the bees to fly for decent pollination.

Fish Station Prep

Contemplating the large array of different products that we prep, grow & keep in each station at the Inn this morning.  

Last night for the fish station alone the list includes; 

shaved fennel, blood orange, frisee, herbs(parsley, chive, bronze fennel, tarragon), leeks, roasted onion, lemon aioli, ramps (wild leeks), mushrooms; oyster, mountain hedgehog & yellow foot chanterelles, citrus dressing, sherry dressing, red wine dressing, poached garlic butter, saffron butter, caramelized shallot butter, reggiano, carnaroli rice, fresh pasta sheets, chevre, lemon juice, leek puree, mustard greens puree, french sorrel, Jerusalem artichoke, sweet potato, shaved  cabbage, purple & green frilly mustard greens, Parmesan broth, saffron broth, mushroom broth, rice water, smoked salmon, rendered bacon, asparagus, extra virgin olive oil, fennel fronds and mizuna flowers to garnish.  Mussels, manilla clams, halibut, weather vane scallops, prawns & octopus.

Many items with varying degrees of production difficulty, all to come together to produce the eight or so dishes that come from the fish station.  Pretty much all in a days work, always striving to maintain freshness, keep work spaces clean and be organized.