Wednesday, February 18, 2015

2015 February

Mangalitsa on the Range 2015

Here are the eight Mangalitsa that we kept from the last litters, almost 5 months old at this point, enjoying another very sunny mild day at Stonebridge.  These guys are super hardy and have no problem with cold and wet, something they have not had to contend with much this year. 
Another ridge of high pressure has parked over the Northwest, leaving us dry, sunny and quite mild.  Great for getting things planted, but could spell trouble if we get some cold temps, rain and fruit flowers.

Swiss Chard, this big and nice looking this early, is almost unheard of.  We have been taking advantage of the weather and planting lots of greens, kale, mustards, mizuna, endive, spinach, favas, snap peas and radishes.  Even Raven's over winter sweet onions look great.  Tomatoes get started on March 3 rd, Town meeting day, old school timing that has worked well for us.

We look to reopen the restaurant by mid March, barring more delays with our on going refrigeration projects.

Shiro Plum Buds about to bloom