Friday, November 20, 2009

So the first 3/4 Mangalitsa has arrived back at the Inn. We will finally be able to serve some of the delicious pork in the restaurant. Due to legalities, after it was slaughtered, the pig had to be fully cooled at the Island Growers Meat Coop in Bow, they don't let us take it off the mobile unit unless it has cooled to 41 degrees, this is a new rule, or at least newly enforced. So we had to go off island to pick it up.
We are rendering lard, cooking the head for a terrine, making lardo, making guancale, curing bacon and sous vide bellies. Hang weight was 219#, a bit small, but the quality and flavor is really amazing. The fat is clean and pure white.
Mangalitsa will be on the menu as early as tomorrow and will certainly be a course for Thanksgiving.

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