Thursday, October 11, 2012

Another View of Orcas Island

One of Two Lakes Over Blakely Island
So A and I were invited to take a ride on the coolest biplane on Orcas, but really maybe the best on earth, given our surroundings.  Rod, has an amazing grace,  history and ease as a pilot, I envy him for that.  He called and said, looks like a perfect day, would you and A like to fly.  I said, are you kidding, of course, so I picked him up after school and we drove to Rod's hanger.

October, not July, mind you, it was still, clear and as close to perfect as possible.  Like not even cold, or perhaps even warmer than the ground.

Inn at Ship Bay From Above
Needless to say, I can highly recommend a trip with Rod,,  you will not have any regrets, especially if you can pick a day of perfect Orcas Island weather.

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